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China opposes « long-arm jurisdiction » practices: spokesperson

China stands firmly against « long-arm jurisdiction » practices, a Chinese spokesperson said Saturday.

Some countries have kept abusing the extraterritorial application of their domestic laws in violation of the international law with the aim of suppressing foreign entities and individuals and serving their own interests, said Wang Chao, spokesperson for the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress, at a press conference.

« Such bullying acts are widely criticized in the international community as long-arm jurisdiction. China stands firmly against such practices, » Wang said.

To counter the containment, suppression and interference of its internal affairs, China has introduced a number of laws and regulations including the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law to block improper extraterritorial application of foreign laws and measures, as well as other provisions such as the Unreliable Entity List, the spokesperson said.

China’s core interests allow no infringement, and its sovereignty and territorial integrity shall be inviolable. China introduces relevant provisions in law to firmly counter acts that undermine China’s sovereignty, security and development interests and harm the lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals, he said.

This is both justifiable and necessary, Wang added.



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