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Belt and Road promotes partner countries’ economic, social development: report

Belt and Road promotes partner countries' economic, social development- report

Through constructing various production and life infrastructures, the cooperative construction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) promotes partner countries’ economic and social development, said a report issued Thursday.

The report, titled « For a Better World — Looking at the Past Decade of Jointly Pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative from a Human Rights Perspective, » was released by the China Foundation for Human Rights Development and Xinhua’s think tank New China Research.

The report says the cooperative construction of the BRI helps meet partner countries residents’ basic needs, and advocates for broader cooperation in various fields. It encourages companies to fulfill their social responsibilities actively, assisting local communities in improving living conditions and realizing their rights to development in areas such as education, culture, and the environment.

It says infrastructure development is a key focus of Belt and Road cooperation, with many collaborative projects providing various facilities and conveniences such as transportation, communication, and housing for local populations.

Enjoying cultural achievements and participating in cultural activities are important manifestations of cultural rights, the report said. Many BRI projects are being implemented to construct public cultural infrastructure, preserve local cultural heritage, enrich cultural resources, and help people in partner countries better realize cultural rights.


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